Our Hotel - The Radisson Martinique On Broadway - 1898Our Hotel RoomLooking Up Broadway From Our HotelLooking Down Broadway From Our HotelHaving Brunch On BroadwayMaybe She Didn't Like Her Meal?Typical Concrete CanyonLooking Towards Times Square Where We Catch Our Tour BusTimes SquareThe Benefits Of Winning A Reality ShowWooden Water Storage TankHershey's Museum & StoreThat Car Looks FamiliarWait A Minute:  What's That I Spy Between Those Skyscrapers?Is It?  Could It Be?Why That's The Top Of The Empire State Building!  Which Was Actually A Block Away From Our HotelNew York's Finest Making Sure We Were All SafeAnother View Of Times Square As We Start Our Tour
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Our Hotel - The Radisson Martinique On Broadway - 1898